Our team of dedicated CPAs, audit and tax professionals.

Though there are complementary gifts and talents among the team members at SSA, there is a unifying purpose throughout the firm.  Our clients come first. And though the bios included here are those of the firm’s directors, there is a full cast of team members that makes work happen every day at SSA.

The team at SSA is committed to giving back.  You’ll find them out serving our community by:

  • supporting and coaching kids sports
  • volunteering at faith-based initiatives
  • mentoring other professionals
  • serving on boards and committees that drive economic growth in our area
  • and in many other ways!

Audit Services

Clients needing these services are usually complying with the requirements of third parties such as banks, surety companies or others interested in the health of the business.  They will use audited, reviewed or compiled financial statements for that purpose and we are engaged by our clients to provide an opinion on the accuracy of those statements.

Our auditing accountants are committed to providing the most efficient and effective process of financial statement presentation.  Their experience in planning and implementing the accounting engagement is focused with the goal of providing confidence for the users of the statements.

Meet the professional who support Audit Services at SSA. Click on the photos below to learn more about SSA’s audit professionals:


Tax Planning & Estate Planning Services

Pay the least I can, pay it later than sooner; know the amount as early as possible and make the process easy as possible.  This captures what most clients tell us they want from our tax professionals when it comes to income and estate taxes.

We meet those client expectations by:

  • Keeping informed of changes in tax law
  • Exploring innovative planning opportunities
  • Fully understanding the time value of money
  • Employing skilled team from the interview through processing phases
  • Providing review processes to significantly reduce errors
  • Maintaining a skillful and positive reputation with local taxing authorities

Meet the tax professionals who support Tax & Estate Planning Services at SSA. Click on the photos below to learn more about SSA’s tax and estate planning professionals:

Gary Seltzer  Russ Anderson

Business Consulting Services

While there are many enjoyable aspects of owning a business, nothing resonates louder than sustained profits.  So much goes into this effort.  Our expertise in this area brings focus and clarity to critical processes and steps necessary for success.

We have seen much over the years and have kept our eyes wide open.  Knowing what not to do can be equally as important as knowing what to do.

Meet the professionals who support Business Consulting at SSA. Click on the photos below to learn more about SSA’s business and consulting professionals:

 Russ Anderson  Gary Seltzer

Team Members

Janelle Walzer
Kathy Rice
Chris Poe
Sheryl Saine
Lauren Albertini
Andrea Gregory